Fairfield Municipal Airport

The Fairfield Municipal Airport is a public use airport owned by the City of Fairfield, Illinois. The airport property boasts approximately 219 acres of land and is located on the west side of Fairfield adjacent to US Route 45 and the State Highway 15 junction.

The unique airport identifier for the Fairfield Municipal Airport is KFWC, which is commonly shorthanded to FWC.

FWC is a non-towered airport supporting the movement of aircraft and visitors, business travel, agricultural spraying, flight training, recreational aviation and other activities.

Fun Facts:

FWC has two runways!

  1. Runway 9/27 is the main runway. It is made from asphalt and is 4,000 feet long and 75 feet wide.
  2. Runway 18/36 is a crosswind runway. It is also made from asphalt and is just shy of 2,000 feet long and measures 60 feet wide.

Weather Data is reported to the National Weather Service. You can acquire this information by calling 618-847-4709.

There is a Non-Directional Beacon, also known as an NBD, located at FWC to help assist pilots in locating the airport.

The Airport Apron has six tie-downs for small aircraft.

After a recent fuel farm upgrade, the airport now offers self serve capability after hours for pilots!

The airport terminal building offers a lounge and small conference room for pilots to use.

FWC currently has 11 airport hangars with the intentions of growing this number in the near future.

The airport welcomes any and all travelers or businesses at any times!

Airport Manager – Travis Williams
883 US HWY 45
Fairfield, IL 62837