Olive Branch School

Olive Branch School, located in Leo French Park in Fairfield, IL.

   The Olive Branch School was built in 1930 after the previous school burned down. The school was used until 1955. Ruth Eileen Simpson Burkitt wanted to preserve a one room school for future generations. Her father Emery Simpson helped her search for a school house. The Olive Branch School was owned by Mrs. Ruth Musgrave and her children. Ruth donated the schoolhouse to the park district in memory of her husband. Gilbert and all eight of their children attended the Olive Branch School. The school was moved 10 miles into town in August of 1965 at a cost of $600.00. The school was originally white like all other one room schools, but Park Superintendent Leo French and his assistant Cecil Tice chose to paint it red, and it became known as “the little red schoolhouse in the park.” The school was dedicated on May 28th, 1966.

The school is open select hours during the spring, summer and fall each year and is closed during the winter.
It is open 5 to 6 pm on Sunday for the 2021 season.

The Olive Branch School is operated by the Wayne County History Society.