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Importance of our Member Services

Membership gives the “mom and pop shops,” the boutiques, the independent contractors, the cafés and delis, the niche stores, the hole-in-the-wall places… a level playing field for competition on the internet. Membership provides specific tools for accomplishing effective online promotion.

The Best Part

You don’t have to log in. You don’t have to monkey around with an unfamiliar system. You don’t have to stress about where to start.

We understand that life gets busy or that technology just isn’t your thing or knowing what kind of information to include can be difficult. That is why your member assistant will do the work for you.

Getting You Ready For Membership Promotion

Means We Need to Document Your Business for Search Membership!

One of the missions of our membership organization has is to prepare the overall community for success. This enables the membership team to provide a documentation service to the majority of all local businesses to help our community compete online. To do this, we need every business within our community to be documented for search and optimized for mobile as well. We need to showcase our local products and services so our businesses come up on many more searches.

Importance of Our Member Services

It is a very simple concept, but with so many business owners busy running their businesses and more, most are not documenting their products and services for search. The team is doing this for you as part of your membership with us so it gets done and our community is much better positioned to compete for those commerce dollars.  

Keep in mind that this information will showcased on this site, but also be indexed by both Google and Bing so the public will still be finding this information outside of the our own community.

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