Mayor’s Report 9.12.21

We have scuttled plans for Connor & Connor to design a project to repair the roads at Maple Hill Cemetery. After last meeting, Street and Bridge Lead man Robert Kamp volunteered his crew to repair the roads. The materials will cost around $15,000 in asphalt.

Alderman Lampley will join me and representatives of the county board in meeting with the Wayne County Humane Society to study the organization’s space and staff issues. Our police department has reported recent problems in getting service when contacting the pound during business hours.

In round numbers, our police have talked to nearly a hundred residents about the condition of their properties or non-operational vehicles. At this time those initial contacts have resulted in around 25 citations since May. There have been small victories, but I am not satisfied with the tools in place to affect change. I will be working with the legislative committee when I have proposals to offer.

A meeting with Sunrise Sanitation set for last week was cancelled by the company. We have rescheduled for tomorrow morning. There are several outstanding issues to be addressed by the city.

The Fairfield Fire Department reports one structure fire, one cooking fire and one vehicle fire in September. They were involved in 55 EMS assists, a gas leak and one unauthorized burning call. The Police Department was active in September with 15 warrants, seven misdemeanors and a felony. Officers also wrote 15 warnings for local ordinance violations and dealt with 12 vehicle crashes. There were also 65 traffic stops resulting in 29 citations.

Our city webpage has seen an increase in views of 54% since our hiring of RJ Marketing and the merger with the chamber. New pages are being added weekly including the local business directory and local historical sites. Claire, Libby and I meet weekly to discuss strategy.

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