Mayor’s Report 11.9.21

Here’s tonight’s Mayor’s Report:

Last week I contacted the corporate headquarters of Casey’s General Stores in Iowa to discuss the property the company owns between West Main and Delaware. Almost two years ago the company purchased the land to build a new Fairfield facility. A spokesperson said there were no active plans to build such a facility in our near future. They also do not want to sell the land.

We have asked for a meeting with the Illinois Department of Transportation to discuss the resurfacing of Route 15 through Fairfield. I have invited our engineers and asked for the IDOT contingent to do likewise. IDOT’s last correspondence with the city noted labor shortages and new legislation concerning the mandate of ADA sidewalk compliance. I want a commitment on a start date.

Time is expiring on several properties which have been condemned by the city. One of those buildings is the former Vaughn’s Food Store on the city’s east highway (712 E. Main). The owners have gone to the court seeking to draw down money from the estate for renovations. They haven’t started work.

Claire is doing the research to develop and launch a phone app for the city which will allow us to “push” our important announcements and activities. Several other cities in Southeastern Illinois already possess this form of communication. Also, there were 1600 views on our various platforms of our video coverage of the Veteran’s Day parade. And today the site topped 10,000 views since its launch at the end of August.

Police report 16 arrests including three felonies. FPD logged some overtime for the homecoming parade and a presence on South 1st street during Trick or Treating. There were 83 traffic stops with 8 citations written.

The fire department had 53 total calls, 45 of which were EMS Assists. There was also a structure and a vehicle fire in October. Besides a high level of activity, the department sold 180 gallons of chili and raised $4500 which helps offset equipment costs.

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