Mayors Report 1/11/22

The Humane Society sent a new contract for services last month. They did not give notice they wanted out of our existing contract which pays them $1500 a month. The proposed new agreement maintained they would not deal with bite dogs or come out after business hours weekdays or on weekends. The proposed contract asked for a 110-percent increase, or $3100 a month. After consulting with the police committee chair, I contacted their rep and said we would be seeking another provider. Yesterday I sent them notice we are ending our contract.
The year-end report from the fire department shows 580 responses for 2021. In that number were 11 structure fires and 19 motor vehicle crashes. We had 47 responses in December.
The police department had 36 traffic stops in December with 19 citations. There were three felony, six misdemeanor and three warrant arrests. For the year there were 179 total arrests with 166 traffic crashes. I received notice that the police union wants to start negotiations with the city on a new contract. Their contract expires in April.
Sunrise Sanitation sent us notice they wanted to increase their rates $.75 per resident to cover cardboard refuse since we no longer have a recycling center in the city. I told them that would require re-opening our contract with them and that I would have items for bargaining. They promptly withdrew their request.
Airport operations from November 19-to-January 7th show 38 total operations. Deer hunters continued to fly-in and we even had ten operations generated by pilots and guests who flew in to have lunch at Barb Wire Grill.
Liquor license issues dominate my daily schedule. I have requests for new licenses which I have not approved…I have licenses previously awarded which are not in compliance with our ordinances that I have put on hold…and I have people challenging our ordinances because of their lust to get into the lucrative video gaming business. I have also passed along a request to the legislative committee.

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