Mayors Report 1/25/22

A hiring committee of Alderman Lampley, Jon Colclasure, Dian Downs and myself interviewed candidates for the open sewer treatment plant position last Wednesday and unanimously agreed the city should hire Colton Land. He will start in his new job with the city tomorrow.

I am excited to announce a new effort to clean up the city on Saturday, April 23rd. We are calling it “Renew Fairfield,” and it will include a citywide clean-up, recycling drives and the painting of ten properties. This in cooperation with Kincaid’s, Sherwin-Williams, Rust-Oleum, Y-Fairfield and FNB. Area organizations will volunteer their time for painting and light carpentry work on the homes. The recycling will include paper and electronics. More on this event as we get closer.

Alderman Lampley joined our Business District committee meeting on January 12th as we continue to outline the boundaries of the proposed district and define short term and longer goals. Keith Moran is scheduled to make a presentation to the city council on February 8th to report and answer questions on the timeline.

Shannon Woodard of Connor and Connor reports we will be advertising for bids for a new water tower soon. That means bids could be opened by March 1st and awarded shortly thereafter. A new tower could be built on NW 7th by the end of 2022…but the contracts will give the construction company one calendar year. The dismantling of the old tower would follow.

We are proposing to merge the city council’s Recreation and the Chamber’s Public Relations committees for the purpose of finding future partnering opportunities, the most notable of which, the total eclipse event of April 8, 2024.

Our prime Fairfield Municipal Airport tenant is proposing an expansion of his business this year. In discussion last week, AG Monkey agreed to increase its fleet from six to ten aircraft. They would construct new fuel tanks but let us manage the supply at a set rate of sale per gallon. Alderman McGill set up the meeting.

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