Mayors Report 3.8.22

Among other things, the Fairfield City Council unanimously seated Cody Attebery to the unexpired one-year term in the first ward.

In my Mayor’s Report,
I met with a representative of the three water departments which buy bulk water from the city this morning. Each year, the increases are based on the Consumer Price index. Water rates to the Jasper, New Hope and Boyleston water districts will go up 7.5% retroactive to January 1st.
Our first efforts in stabilizing natural gas prices were successful. UGM reports our hedging efforts will net our customers savings of more than $3,000 for March. We will keep a continuing eye on the market which has become crazy due to the events in eastern Europe. With oil pushing up, it should push drilling up so long term it may benefit production of natural gas.
Landowners at 1302 Leininger Road, 205 West 7th and 900 Leroy have been given until Friday to clean up their properties. They have been given fair warning that the city would not continue to stand by.
In personnel moves, Eric Holstein bid to the Street and Bridge Department. Steve Musgrave went from the cemetery to Water Distribution. That led to Kevin Leonard deciding to move to the cemetery after heading our Water Distribution Department for 4 ½ years. He did an excellent job. I have every expectation that Brad Young will do likewise. Kevin’s move created an opening in Water Distribution which has been filled by Cole Young coming from the Water Filtration plant. We have posted Cole’s job which will be pulled Friday afternoon.
I have attached some light reading from Jerry Quindry, who is advising me on the restoration of the Lakeside lake and other associated drainage problems. Also attached is a letter requesting assistance from the state office of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The letter is addressed to Ivan Dozier, the State Conservationist, who is coincidently from Mill Shoals and very familiar with our problems.

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