Mayor’s Report 5/24/22

At tonight’s Fairfield City Council meeting, all mayoral appointments were approved with one exception.
The nomination of Brent Maguire for Chief of Police died for lack of a motion by the eight council members.
More information has been released from the 2020 Census which give us a better look at the city and its citizens.
-The median age of the residents of Fairfield is 42.7 years of age.
-Around 13-percent of the adults do not have a high school diploma. On the other end of educational attainment, 11-percent have a bachelor’s degree.
-The average city resident takes at least 20-minutes to get to work and 56-percent have two or more vehicles.
-The average income per person is $34, 216 with 8.4-percent below the poverty line. The largest employer were our schools with 26.9 percent of those responding saying they work in educational services. Next on the list was retail sales with 16.7%.
-Thirty percent of those responding to the census say they rent their residences.
In other matters, testing for police openings occurred on Saturday with six candidates taking written and physical exams. None of the candidates were successful. It was impressive that most of the current officers (including those currently in the academy) showed up to encourage the candidates. I will be speaking with Terry Weedman of the Police and Fire Commission to come up with a new strategy. The next academy is slated for August 30th with a deadline of July 22nd. We will test again between now and then.
The city helped the county health department set-up for tomorrow’s E-Waste Recycling event on Southwest 10th, behind the police station. Kudos to Nicole Schoenborn for her quick response to the need and her idea of first collecting items and then bringing in trailers to transport the waste. The event goes from 7:30 AM-to-5:30 PM.
Upon the advice of our natural gas consultant, we locked in a blended price of $6.65 for 3,000 dekatherms of our base load in the months of June 2022 and June 2023. The market is highly unstable.

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